Stick Vacuum Deals


Stick Vacuum Deals

Stick vacs are essentially very thin and light upright vacuums.  Most do not have beater bars (brushbars) but some do.  The lack of a beater bar limits the unit’s effectiveness on carpet.  Stick vacs are often cordless and bagless (but not always).  They are effective for quick pickups and small area cleaning.

As mentioned, most stick vacuums are cordless but some are corded.  Cordless units are powered by a battery and it is common for consumers to complain about battery life.   A good cordless unit should last about 15 minutes or so on a full charge.  But if you have a lot of cleaning to do this can be problematic, in which case you should consider a corded stick vac or a full size vacuum.  Corded machines have continuous power but they are not as convenient when moving from place to place (as you have to plug and unplug the unit).

A stick vac fills the void between the full size vacuum and the handheld.  Full size machines are for large area cleaning, and they are often capable on both carpet and bare floors.  In addition, with specialized tools, full size machines can be used for cleaning upholstery, getting into tight corners, cleaning drapery, etc.  But the full size unit is larger and heavier than the stick vac and simply takes more time to work with.

Handhelds are for very small jobs.  The stick vacuum can do small jobs as well but is also capable of cleaning much larger areas than a handheld.  One could clean a small apartment with a stick vac.  Handhelds are also handy for countertop and tabletop messes – this is awkward for most stick vacs.  However some stick vacs, like the Electrolux Ergorapido, come with a detachable handheld.

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