Robotic Vacuum Deals


Robotic Vacuum Deals

The robotic vacuum cleaner is typically a small, often disc shaped, battery operated vacuum that scours the floor vacuuming up dirt, hair, lint and the like using some computer means of navigation.  The robotic vac uses rechargeable battery operated power – these batteries can be recharged by plugging into a power outlet in the home.  Running time between charges is about 40 minutes to 2 hours depending on the machine.  Some of these robotic units have the ability to recharge on the fly – by heading back to a “home base” or docking station.

 - easy to maintain
 - good at picking up all sorts of dust and hair
 - can be scheduled to work while you are busy doing something else

 - require frequent cleaning
 - require frequent recharging
 - wiring, loose threads, etc, on the floor can snag on the brushes of the vacuum cleaner
 - can get banged-up/scratched because finds objects by bumping into them (most units)
 - only effectively does one room at a time
 - takes longer than a traditional vacuum
 - doesn't do as good a job as a traditional vacuum

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