Allergy Vacuum Reviews


These vacuums are designed with sealed system technology and also come standard with HEPA filtration.  Sealed systems ensure that all the air entering the vacuum is passed through the filters before being exhausted.  Some of these vacuums also include HEPA filters with charcoal inserts for odor elimination - these are particularly useful in households with pets.

Top Rated Allergy Vacuum Cleaners - 2019

Model Type Avg Rating / 100
Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet Canister Vacuum 95
Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum 94
Dyson V8 Absolute Stick Vacuum 94
Shark Rotator NV752 TruePet Upright Vacuum 94
Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum 94
Shark Rotator with DuoClean NV801 Upright Vacuum 94
Miele Complete C3 Alize Canister Vacuum 93

In the above table an effort has been made to highlight machines currently available


Avg. consumer rating = 90/100 

The marine blue Miele Compact C2 Electro+ is a lightweight, bagless canister vacuum that is capable on all manner of flooring - from smooth surfaces to low, medium, and even deep pile carpet.  This is a great all-rounder machine that is manufactured in Germany.  Owners really like the powerful suction, the low noise output, and the top-notch air filtration capabilities.  However, the carpet cleaner head is a little on the bulky side, and the tools, which are attached via a clip to the hose, can sometimes get knocked off.


Avg. consumer rating = 91/100 

Dyson is starting to close the performance gap between lightweight cordless vacuums and full-size corded uprights or canister vacuums.  The cordless stick vacuum has always been a compromise. You get a light, easy to move vacuum that is not tethered by a power cord, however the limited battery power usually results in either average suction, limited run times, or both. Not so with the V11. It uses an advanced motor, a large powerful battery, and a host of other technology to deliver long run times and also very respectable suction.  No, it is still not a match for your Dyson Ball Animal 2 upright vacuum, but to date this is as close to full-size vacuum cleaning ability that we’ve seen in a stick vac.


Avg. rating = 90/100 

The Shark Navigator Zero-M Lift Away Speed is a bagless upright vacuum with an interesting technology Shark calls “Zero-M”. This technology is designed to automatically remove tangled hair from the brushroll. In this review we test the claim. The vacuum is also capable of cleaning both carpet and bare floors, and it has HEPA level filtration as well as Shark’s famous lift-away system. Most owners seem very pleased with the vacuum and cite powerful suction, light weight, and the Zero-M technology as reasons. However, the power cord is a bit short and while there are several tools, only one stores on-board.


Avg. rating = 88/100 

We looked at the Shark APEX (model AX952) back in December of 2017.  It is a popular machine and it comes with the lift-away feature, two brushrolls, and a powered tool.  The Shark APEX in this review is a newer machine and is model AZ1002.  It has all the same features as the older APEX but also includes Zero-M Technology.  Zero-M Technology utilizes a specially designed brushroll and comb in the cleaner head which remove tangled hair as you vacuum.


Avg. consumer rating = 88/100 

We just got our hands on the Dyson V10 Cyclone Motorhead cordless vacuum. Usually the Dyson stick vacs within a series (V6, V7, V8, V10) are very similar – therefore individual reviews of each model really aren’t necessary. However, in the case of the V10 Motorhead it is sufficiently different from the V10 Absolute and V10 Animal that it warrants a special look. During our analysis/testing we found that we really like this cordless vacuum – it packs most of the punch of the more expensive V10’s for less money.  In fact, if you have certain cleaning needs this could be the best choice.


Avg. consumer rating = 90/100 

Shark refers to the APEX series as their “most advanced upright vacuums”.  These are full size vacuums with DuoClean Technology (2 brushrolls), HEPA filtration, an anti-allergen complete seal system, noise reduction technology, a lift-away canister, and Active-Glide Technology.  There are several APEX models and in this review we discuss the AX952.  Owners are mostly very pleased with this powerful, all-around, bagless upright vacuum.  This is a versatile machine and it can clean bare floors and carpet, it can do overhead cleaning, and also portable vacuuming (using the lift-away feature).  The full size APEX vacuums are not particularly lightweight however.


Avg. consumer rating = 90/100 

The Miele Complete C3 Calima is an introductory-level C3 canister vacuum.  However the C3’s are the top end of Miele’s canister stable so there are still plenty of great features on this machine.  The Calima includes 2 cleaner heads – one specially designed for bare floors and the other for carpet/area-rugs/smooth surfaces.  The unit also has sound dampening insulation, variable suction, a retractable power cord, and HEPA-level air filtration.  This vacuum is not the best choice for medium to deep pile carpet however.  It excels on bare floors, area rugs and low pile carpet.  The Calima is manufactured in Germany.


Avg. rating = 88/100 

Like a number of other Shark vacuums we have tested, the P50 is somewhat unique.  Shark has managed to pack a host of features into one machine and in so doing created a vacuum that is both fascinating and a little hard to classify.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good.  On the contrary, the P50 does many things well.  It is lightweight for an upright, it is cord-free, it has a removable battery, it uses two brushrolls, and it can be used - to some degree - as an upright, a stick vac, or a handheld.  However, it’s not as powerful as most full-size corded uprights, and it’s not as light and maneuverable as most smaller stick vacs.


Avg. consumer rating = 91/100 

The Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe model NV360 is reasonably priced for what you get.  It is one of the higher consumer-rated vacuums in its price point.  Owners like the strong suction, lift-away feature, rinsable filters, and swivel steering.  It also has brushroll on/off controls which make the vacuum effective on both carpet and bare floors.  In addition, it comes with four handy tools.  However, the lack of height controls can make it difficult to push on deeper carpet, and it is also a bit top heavy so it gets pulled over easily when using the hose/wand/tools.


Avg. consumer rating = 90/100 

The Complete C3 Marin bagged canister vacuum is made in Germany and is one of Miele’s top-end machines.  It has a host of features and can handle most any floor type.  It includes two floorheads: The Electro Premium Floorhead and the Parquet Twister Floorhead.  In addition, it has an automatic suction setting that adjusts suction depending on the flooring – so you don’t have change it manually.  The Marin has top notch filtration, so much so that it is essentially a mobile air purifier.  It is also extremely quiet and capable at pulling up both cat and dog hair.  The powered floorhead is on the heavy side however, and this vacuum does not come cheap.


Avg. consumer rating = 90/100 

This vacuum is the smaller brother of the Dyson Ball Animal 2. Does that mean it is not as good? No – not necessarily. While the Dyson Ball Multi-Floor 2 has less suction than its big brother, it is also lighter, less expensive, and there is still more than enough suction for most cleaning jobs. In our opinion the Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 packs a punch and is actually a very good fit for some households. Consumers are pleased with the vacuum’s maneuverablity, capability on different surfaces, and easy maintenance. However, there are some issues, one of them being the machine’s difficulty in moving on some deep pile carpet. We see this on both the Multi-Floor and the Animal.


Avg. consumer rating = 80/100 

The Dyson Cyclone V10 is the latest in futuristic-looking stick vacuums from Dyson.  The cordless V10 looks slightly different than its predecessors the V6/V7/V8 due to a more air-flow efficient design, however it is still an attractive machine and many folks will proudly display this on the wall in their home. It has a Maximum Mode that generates 51% more power than the V6/V7 and 31% more than the V8.  Build quality is solid and it is a great fit for a smaller home or apartment.  However for deep cleaning and a larger home you may still want to have a full size vacuum available.  Despite the research and upgrades, like all stick vacs you cannot get a long enough run time with “deep cleaning” power to do a large area.  This is also a rather expensive vacuum.


Avg. consumer rating = 95/100 

This mid-range Miele canister vacuum is getting top-notch reviews and ratings from owners.  It is hard to find much in the way of faults with this machine.  It is capable of handling low, medium, deep pile and soft/plush carpet as well as bare floors, and it is even good at pulling up pet hair.  Owners are thrilled with how quiet the unit is and also the variable suction controls.  It is made in Germany – a rarity these days – and it feels sturdy and durable.  Probably the biggest issue with this canister vacuum is the cost - it doesn’t come cheap.


Avg. consumer rating = 94/100 

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is one of the latest upright vacuums in the Dyson stable.  The term “Animal” is intended to highlight its capabilities in households with pets, however there may be another reason.  This vacuum cleaner is something of a beast.  It is hugely powerful and also a bit of a handful to wield.  Is this is a good thing?  Well, for the most part it is good but in some cases it isn’t.  The machine’s colossal suction ensures top notch cleaning of pet hair, bare floors, carpet, etc. but the weight of the vacuum makes it a little cumbersome despite the added maneuverabiity of “Ball Technology”.


Avg. consumer rating = 94/100 

We just got our hands on the Dyson V8 Absolute cordless stick vacuum and have been running the machine through its paces.  For the most part, we’ve been impressed.  The V8 is a lightweight vacuum that is both a stick vacuum and a handheld.  It is maneuverable, easy to empty and very powerful for a cordless (in High Power Mode).  It includes an assortment of tools in addition to 2 specialized cleaning heads; one for carpet and one for bare floors.  It also sports a HEPA filter and a new hygienic system for removing debris from the dust canister.  Is it better than the still-popular Dyson V6 Absolute?  In our opinion, in many ways it is.


Shark NV682 Pros ConsThe Shark NV682 is a popular bagless upright vacuum cleaner and it has achieved a very high score on our site, placing it near the top of our Vacuum Cleaner Finder tool.

We have done a very detailed review of this machine which can be found here – Shark NV682 Review – but we thought it would be helpful to put together a short article with 2 quick videos highlighting the vacuum’s pros and cons.  A video is worth a thousand words.





Avg. consumer rating = 92/100 

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed (model NV682) is a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner. It can be configured to operate as an upright, a canister and a handheld.  It has plenty of great features including HEPA filtration, a sealed system, a 30 foot power cord, 2 floor cleaning nozzles, and a very lengthy 7-year warranty. The NV682 is a good looking vacuum and is easy to use and maintain – it is bagless and all 3 filters are washable. The NV682 is lighter and smaller than its big brother the NV752 and as a result is easier to move but also has a shorter hose and smaller dust canister.



Avg. consumer rating = 92/100 

The Dyson V6 Mattress is much more than a handheld vacuum for mattresses.  This powerful unit is really an all-round handheld which happens to include, amongst its tools, a mattress tool as well as a HEPA filter and whole machine filtration.  In addition, it’s powerful motor makes it capable of pulling up all manner of debris from sofas, mats, pillows, blankets, car seats, and yes, mattresses.  The V6 mattress gets very good reviews and ratings from owners and it has a solid, durable feel to it.  It is a little on the expensive side however, and it also doesn’t come with a wall mounting unit.



Avg. consumer rating = 94/100 

Ranked as our best upright for 2016/2017 and our 2nd best vacuum for dealing with pet hair, the Shark Rotator NV752 Powered Lift-Away TruePet Vacuum delivers solid performance and is popular with consumers.  Owners give it consistently high ratings, and cite its powerful suction, 3-in-1 capabilities, and easy maneuverability as reasons.  It also comes standard with a host of useful attachments and tools.  However, like almost any vacuum the NV752 is not quite perfect and there are some issues.



Avg. consumer rating = 83/100 

The Electrolux UltraFlex EL4335A has been getting some good consumer ratings. This bagless canister vacuum has a washable HEPA filter and a sealed system which make it ideal for those suffering from allergies or asthma. It is also designed for bare floors and low-to-high pile carpet, and comes with specialized bare floor and carpet nozzles. The pros outweigh the cons with this vacuum, however there are a few issues such as the narrow cleaning path width and smallish dust canister.




Avg. consumer rating = 90/100 

In this review we take a look at the relatively new Dyson V6 Absolute cordless vacuum.  The Absolute is Dyson’s top-of-the-line cordless vacuum and consumer ratings are excellent.  It differs from the other V6 machines in the tools/attachments that are included and the level of filtration it provides.

While each V6 comes with a different package, what really sets the Absolute apart is the fact that it comes with two cleaner heads – the Direct-drive cleaner head for carpet, and the Soft roller cleaner head for hard floors (soft woven red & blue nylon sections that envelop debris and black anti-static carbon fibre filaments to remove fine dust). It also has a HEPA post motor filter, something none of the other V6’s have.



Avg. consumer rating = 93/100 

The Alize is a fantastic canister vacuum but it is important to understand what you are buying before you purchase.  Miele makes a wide range of canister vacuums each with a host of different features and attachments.  The Alize is a great machine for cleaning smooth surfaces like hardwood floors, tile or vinyl.  It is also effective on flat weave rugs and low pile carpet.  However – with its existing set of attachments – it may not be the best choice for homes with lots of carpet (especially medium to deep pile carpet). 


 Avg. consumer rating = 75/100 

The Miele Cat and Dog S7260 (now known as the Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog) is part of Miele'’s S7 line of upright vacuum cleaners.  The Cat and Dog gets reasonable consumer ratings and is loaded with features.  Owners like the the look and feel of the unit with many commenting on the quality fit and finish. It has powerful suction yet still manages to be fairly quiet and is capable on both carpet and bare floors. It is also very effective at pulling up pet hair. The downsides of this machine are its weight, its cost, and, more recently, increasing problems over the lifetime of the vacuum.



Avg. consumer rating = 91/100 

We recently got our hands on the new Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy upright vacuum cleaner.  Dyson is known for pushing the boundaries of technology and this machine is no exception.  Not only is it bagless, but it also has no filters to clean or replace. All you have to do is empty the dust canister once in a while. 


Shark NV652

Avg. consumer rating = 93/100 

The Shark Rotator TruePet NV652 is getting top notch reviews and ratings from owners.  The TruePet is a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner and it operates as an upright, a canister, and to some extent a handheld.  It has powerful suction and comes with a host of features and accessories including a pet tool with a motor-driven brush.  The hose however, is a bit stiff and can sometimes tip the vacuum when it is stretched, and some owners feel that the dust canister is a bit small.


Avg. consumer rating = 83/100 

The Sebo X4 is a bagged upright vacuum cleaner designed and manufactured in Germany.  It has hospital-grade filtration and is approved by the British Allergy Foundation. It is well-built and reliable but expensive.  The X4 is noted for being powerful, capable on both carpet and bare floors and excellent at pulling up pet hair.  It is a tad on the heavy side however and the machine, while highly effective, looks a bit dated.


Avg. consumer rating = 85/100 

Designed for 20 years of residential use, the Miele Jazz (recently renamed the Miele Dynamic U1 Jazz) gets very solid ratings from consumers. Like most machines from this German manufacturer the Jazz is expensive, but it does deliver. Powered by a 1200 watt ultra quiet motor, it has very strong suction and does an excellent job cleaning carpet and bare floors. It also includes 3 levels of filtration and the HEPA filter with activated charcoal ensures fresh smelling air free of most allergens. Some consumers find the machine a bit heavy however and consumables like bags and filters are not cheap.


Avg. consumer rating = 92/100 

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Rotator is yet another vacuum cleaner from Euro-Pro that is getting great consumer reviews - other popular Euro-Pro vacuums include the Shark Navigator and the Shark Lift-Away.   The Shark Rotator is an upright, a canister and it also has a portable component. In addition, it has powerful suction, a brushbar with on/off controls, several useful tools, and a 5 year warranty. Criticisms of the machine are limited to secondary concerns such as the average fit and finish and headlights that only provide moderate illumination.


Avg. consumer rating = 89/100 

The Red Velvet (model S6270) is part of Miele'’s latest series of canister vacuum cleaners, the S6 series.  The Red Velvet is rather unique with its soft red velvet finish on the canister surface.  The vacuum is best suited for smooth flooring and low pile carpet as the brushes in the nozzle are air-driven.  It also includes an AirClean filter, several attachments, a stainless steel telescopic wand, suction controls and a 7-year warranty on the motor and vacuum casing.  Consumer ratings, while few, are very good.


Avg. consumer rating = 81/100 

The Bissell Healthy Home (model 16N5F) –gets fairly good reviews from owners.  It is a bagless upright machine and can generally be found online for under $200USD.  It has HEPA filtration, a 30 foot power cord and includes several tools that store on board.  It also has 7 nozzle height settings and carries a lengthy 5-year warranty.  Some owners report, however, that it is a bit heavy and that the turbo brush gets bogged down if pressed too hard into the carpet.


Avg. consumer rating = 66/100 

On paper the Electrolux Ultra Silencer EL7060A sounds impressive.  It comes with many features including a sealed HEPA system, suction control, automatic cord rewind and a 5-year warranty.  It also has powerful suction, is lightweight and is very quiet.  With all of these qualities one would expect this Electrolux canister vacuum to get great consumer ratings – but ratings are lackluster.  Owners allude to a number of issues and while some do like the machine there are a sufficient number of low ratings to make one take notice.


 Avg. consumer rating = 83/100 

The Miele S7580 Bolero is now known as the Dynamic U1 AutoEco (Miele's new name for this machine).  It is one of the Premium Class vacuums in the S7 upright series.  It is powerful, quiet, maneuverable and loaded with features such as suction control, automatic height adjustment and a special HEPA filter that includes activated carbon for odor removal.  Consumer reviews are few but generally quite good and most owners are pleased with their purchase.  The machine is a little heavy however and, like many Miele vacuum cleaners, it is not cheap.



Avg. consumer rating = 92/100 

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro (NV356E) is getting top notch reviews.  As a matter of fact, over 5000 consumers on Amazon - at the time of this writing - have so far given this vacuum 4.6 stars out of 5.  This machine is similar to the Shark Navigator Lift Away (NV350) but it comes with a special professional dusting bare floor tool, and there are a few other differences as well.  Most owners praise this unit for its strong suction, light weight, maneuverability, large dirt canister and Lift-Away feature.


Avg. consumer rating = 80/100 

The Electrolux Nimble looks great on paper and has good features but some owners struggle with certain aspects of the machine.  As a result, consumer ratings are not as high as one might expect.  The machine does have its proponents and some folks swear it is better than a Dyson but there are a number of detractors who feel that it is too heavy, hard to push on carpet and the plastic used in the construction of the machine isn’t sturdy enough.


Avg. consumer rating = 83/100 

If you want quality and don’t like to compromise then the Miele Capricorn may be the right vacuum cleaner for you (recently replaced by the Complete C3 Brilliant).  It is made in Germany, has a life expectancy of some 20 years, and comes with many, many features.  The Miele S5981 Capricorn is the top end of the Miele Canister vacuum cleaners and, as expected, it also gets very good ratings from owners.  The downside of this machine is that it is expensive.


Avg. consumer rating = 64/100 

The Eureka Boss SmartVac Pet Lover 4870SZ is a bagged upright vacuum and has been rated as a Consumers Digest Best Buy.  However it is getting pretty average consumer reviews and some owners have highlighted a number of issues issues. The 4870SZ was created for households with pets, and as such comes with several pet-friendly features including odor-eating vacuum cleaner bags, a sealed system, and High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration.


 Avg. consumer rating = 66/100 

The Miele S168 stick vacuum is the latest Miele stick vac and it is slightly more advanced (and more expensive) than the S163.   The suction on the S168 is fully variable and some consumers heap praise on this machine for its power and its ability to run very quietly.  On the downside, even though rather light for an upright, it is considered by many to be too heavy for a stick vacuum.



Avg. consumer rating = 92/100 

The Miele Callisto is part of the Miele S5 series of vacuums.  The S5 series are Miele'’s higher-end canister vacuums, with the S4 and S2 series being typically more affordable.  The Callisto has been around for some time and is now paired with the new SEB228 Heavy Duty Powerhead (for both high and low-pile carpet) and the SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Brush (for bare floor cleaning).  This canister vacuum gets very good consumer ratings and is said to be powerful yet still quiet.


Avg. consumer rating = 61/100 

The Eureka C5712A is a commercial vacuum and like most commercial machines it does not come with a lot of fancy features, although this one does have a few tools and it uses a sealed HEPA filtration system.  It is recommended for UL-listed commercial or heavy-duty residential use.  Ratings and comments for this unit are not easy to come by but those that exist don't seem particularly favorable.


Avg. consumer rating = 79/100 

The Bissell Healthy Home 16N5 is the newer version of the Bissell Healthy Home 5770 vacuum and reviews and ratings from consumers are average at best.  While lighter than the 5770 this is still a fairly heavy vacuum cleaner.  There have been some improvements over the 5770 and it comes with a 5-year warranty.



Avg. consumer rating = 90/100 

In the past few years Euro-Pro has produced a number of vacuum cleaners that have become consumer favorites.  Existing owner feedback suggests that the new Shark Lift-Around may be the next favorite on the list.  This is a portable, canister-like, bagless machine that is designed to make vacuuming of hard-to-clean areas easier.  Owners like its extreme light weight, portability, powerful suction and cleaning flexibility.  On the downside it really isn’t a vacuum designed for large floor area cleaning.


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